Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i HATE you.

i wasn't supposed to feel this way again. but why do i feel soo happy whenever you talk to me? uh. i just can't take to see you smile at me, it makes my heart beat soo fast.. i just don't know how to feel. should i be happy? my mind's going crazy. every minute, i just can't stop thinking about you. i am soo confused. my heart's saying yes, but my mind's saying NO. i'm just wondering. . do you still care? or you just wanna play a game? questions running on my mind. and yet, there's still no answers. all i can say is, i'm inlove with a boy i HATE. done.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


it's over. yea, i know it's over. all of the magic's gone, they're just a shadow of a memory. i know i must find a way of letting go, but the question is. . "HOW?". in the middle of the night, i just can't help but cry. . cry for the same damn thing. you're the one who made my life soo complete. but now, you brought me down. boy, you know you're hurting me.. if i could just find a way to let you go.. :(

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i LOVE damages. :)

i couldn't give two shits about all the negative things i hear about myself. doesn't that just suck for all the people who despise me?! if you can't do anything right, then go f*ck yourself. eat sh*t people! i just HATE backstabbers! for real!.. DAMN!

Friday, May 29, 2009


am i feeling love or what? everytime i see him, i find it hard to look away. it's like i always want to see him every minute. i just don't understand why do i feel this way? i get a little confused on what i feel.. but everytime i see him, why do i feel soo happy? why do i feel soo complete?.. am i inlove? or what? i just don't get it. a lot of questions running in my mind. weird. lol. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

me. myself and i. :)

holla people! sam here! 16 years old. incoming 4th year student, :) to tell you the truth, i either take things too seriously or i don't take them seriously at all. lol. i have been through HELL and back. (No, of course not literally , metaphorically speaking). i am very talkative that i can't stand FiVE whole minutes without talking, how weird. BUT! i don't talk to strangers. :) sorry guys! aha! :P and also, im a happy-go-lucky person. Ü haha. i love shopping. super! yea girl. haha. im often immitated but NEVER duplicated! yea. ahaha. lol. that's all. :))

in the picture. :(

it's all there in the picture. i just can't forget all of the memories i had with him. i just can't understand, why do i still love him? all my life, i will regret the day that i lost him. it's been a year, but in my mind there's none but him. im not denying the fact that there's a little love left. because if you loved a person once, even after a hundred years there will still be some of that love left, no matter how much that person denies it.

BOREDOM kills me.

i just can't wait for the school year to arrived. i always get bored at home. but, im looking forward to my college. oyea. haha. i just can't wait to meet other people, but im also scared.. scared to face the real world. but i think i can do this.. i just need to stay strong and confident. aha. :)